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I have had the pleasure of being a part of so many up and coming artists I am truly blessed to introduce you to King Non. His list of accomplishments are numerous, and his drive to continue is unstoppable! His new release, you can purchase below, is off the charts. With real lyrics, feeling, depth, and character he crosses over to legendary. King Non challenges you to go beyond and join him in his word of lyrical bliss. Don’t sleep on this artist, he is truly a Dream Chaser!




Musical art by – Orvett Vayga – Infidels

The work of Orvett Vayga fascinates me. His states that his work explores the relationship between Jungian archetypes and counter-terrorism with influences as diverse as The Rza and John Cage, new synergies are crafted from both traditional and modern dialogues.

I personally listened to the song multiple times, and each at each pass I found myself even the more attentive to the lyrical relevance of the times. I confess I have never heard such deep intense lyrical content like this, placed in the cusp of musical diversity before.  It is a ponderous piece of art of which looking at it too closely will do no justice, but step back and explore the picture in its entirety.

Orvett Vayga is making a statement so intense one needs to shed the day away, relax, and take a listen. Music is an expression of ones ability to believe in the unheard song made manifest, and Orvett Vayga has the ability to go above and beyond the norm to bring forth greatness.

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Dream Chasers Radio

Yaya Diamond interviews Meg Lieder

BOSTON, MA – Meg Lieder has always loved to sing. For as long as she can remember she’s been singing and performing – anything from dance recitals to special music during a church service. She also comes from a family of musicians, so she was constantly surrounded by music. It should come as no surprise, then, that she long dreamed for a career in music … she just didn’t know how to make that dream a reality.
Until one day her father posted a video of her doing a cover song onto his Facebook page. The video blew up, and one of the thousands of people who saw it happened to be a finance manager for the Artist Refinery. He forwarded the video to the award-winning producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford, who liked what he heard. He contacted Meg and asked her to forward him more of her singing samples. Shortly thereafter, he offered her a contract for a six-song EP.
The first single off that EP is “Think Twice,” and was just released on Nov. 15. It’s a song she said will introduce her to the world in a way that showcases her versatility as a singer while introducing them to a fun new vibe that fans will want to listen to over and over again.
“The way it came about is really random,” Meg said of the development of the single. “I was in the studio with the plan to record another song that one of the producers wanted me to sing on. But things just weren’t clicking, and while they were working things out I started writing this song. He heard me singing and asked what it was and I told him I wanted to create a song that kind of gave off an Ariana Grande kind of vibe. He immediately created a track and I really liked it. The lyrics just kind of came easily after that.”
The song tells the story of a woman who is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend, but he is worried that she might be thinking about other men. Out of his jealousy, he confronts her, only to discover that she’s been daydreaming about him the whole time. Essentially, Meg said, she’s telling her boyfriend that she loves him so much that he doesn’t need to “think twice” about it.
The song is one that definitely fits into the pop niche, Meg said, though it’s just one of many singles that will explore a variety of genres. She’s already been featured on other artists’ tracks – anything from EDM to hip-hop to some samples with her sister who is an opera singer. To develop her sound, Meg is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston where she is focusing on contemporary music.
“My music has become a place for me to truly process my emotions,” she said. “Although I’m striving to share my music publicly, music humbles me privately. Aside from my bright, spunky and energetic personality, music has given me an opportunity to explore a more emotional and reserved side of myself. Each one of my songs is a reflection of my multi-layered personality.”
“Think Twice” is now available everywhere for download and streaming (listen on Spotify; buy on iTunes) and fans can check out the new music video on YouTube. Fans can also follow her on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Twitter.

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Interview with Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Dee Woolridge
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The mission of my practice is to cultivate wellness by helping you strengthen the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. The overall goal is to help you improve quality of life and the inherent capacity for self-healing. I provide a space for a life changing spiritual connection. This connection facilitates transformation, balance, harmony, health, happiness, love, abundance, and inner-peace.

My care is personalized, participatory, and relationship-based with emphasizes on healing of the whole person. I work alone or with your physician to help you achieve your unique physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social health goals. I am a well trained, professional committed to helping you attain greater self-awareness, balance, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Here is an example of the categories of help I provide:

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Your sessions are completely confidential and you are guaranteed professional, experienced and trusted help with whatever you are going through. I care because you matter.



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